Café de Bosque products have been created in the framework of the project Turismo Rural y Café de Bosque of the Foundation Programa Andes Tropicales. The project involves residents of Calderas in the protection of their forests and natural resources through community tourism, which enables them to have an alternative source of income and to improve their quality of life.



“Small coffee producers of Calderas sell their harvest to the Boca E’Monte cooperative whose members roast, grind and package it. We guarantee a high quality coffee that tourists will be able to taste here in Calderas or to bring back home as a souvenir of their  stay in our village.”
Eloy Gómez, president of the cooperative Boca E´Monte and coffee producer 

Café de Bosque is a range of products whose benefits represent an economic alternative for small coffee producers that seek to sell their production without intermediaries thus allowing securing the preservation and profitability of the forests shading the coffee plantations.



The aromatic coffee offered comes from small plantations and is composed of particular nutrients coming from trees that shade the coffee plants such as guamos, bucares, cedars, laurels and yagrumos. The traditional process used also contributes to the conservation of this particular aroma. 


“We all participate in the project, roasting, grinding and packaging our coffee. We, members of the cooperative and inhabitants of Calderas are the beneficiaries of Café de Bosque products.”
Anselmo Berrios, coffee producer


We invite you to discover our products in the tourism information centre of Calderas and to enjoy our aromatic coffee in Café de Bosque!