The Mucuposada Valle Encantado, surrounded by more than 25 species of beautiful orchideas is located at the foot of Cerro El Gobernador –emblematic mountain of Calderas- and its cloudy forests, between San Ramón coffee plants and pastures.




The members of the family Valero, Esperanza and her three sons, Isidoro, Rafael and Félix are great hosts and will offer you hospitality in a warm and traditional house.


They can host 16 people in three comfortable rooms, one with a full bed, another with a full bed and a bunk and the third one with five bunks – with bathroom and hot water.




You will enjoy the typical Andean dishes made by Esperanza and the peace of the Mucuposada and its surroundings; you will discover the natural resources of Calderas piedmont by choosing one or various excursions rotes starting from the mucuposada: the Andean Bear Track, La Peña Panoramic Viewpoint, the Coffee Path or Santa Rita Panoramic Viewpoint.  


“I want to offer you a nice and warm house and welcome you the best way I can amd give you everything you want. I would like you to keep and excellent remembrance of our family and Valle Encantado.”

Esperanza, landlady of the mucuposada

  Get to know the people of San Ramón and share an enriching moment with them!

San Ramon hamlet, located southwest of Calderas is not only famous for its natural resources such as rivers, waterfalls, coffee plants and exuberant forests. It is the perfect place for bird lovers who will be able to see some species like the Tersina viridis or the Turdus nudigenis.



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Valle encantado – Andean Bear Track

Valle encantado – La Peña Panoramic Viewpoint

Valle encantado – The Coffee Path

Valle encantado – Santa Rita Panoramic Viewpoint



Breakfast, lunch, diner


Average anual temperature: 18°C
Altitude:  1.222 m
Wet season: décembre – avril
Dry season: Avril – novembre
Direct phone contact : 0416-130.10.63. (José Félix Valero)
Boca E’Monte cooperative: 0273-808.54.54. (Eloy Gómez