Cloudy mountain forests and mountain rivers on one side, pastures and small coffee plantations on the other and a breathtaking view over the valley and the mountains untill the Venezuelan plains…these are the surroundings of the mucuposada Los Alcaravanes !


The mucuposada is located in Agua Blanca hamlet, close to dense forests and habitat of numerous birds as well as the Andean Bear (Tremarctos ornatos), an emblematic and endangered species of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Eugenia Quintero and Aurelio Osuna will welcome you in their traditional house especially conditioned to host you.
The two rooms, one with a full bed and the other with four bunks are modest but have their own bathroom with hot water.

You will appreciate the kindness of Eugenia as well as its succulent traditional dishes such as cuajadas, the typical Andean pisca soup or arepas, a flat cornmeal patty that is grilled, baked, or fried and filled with cheese, vegetables, meat or any other desired stuffing.



The sons, Carlos and José Luís are local guides (baquianos) that will accompany you during the original excursions routes starting from the Mucuposada and that will enable you to discover the natural attractions of the area: the stairs circuits, Agua Blanca between past and present, Pozo del niño and the Path of Silence.

“When we host tourists we really want to get to know them and share with them, we really want them to appreciate their stay with us”.
José Luis, Eugenia and Aurelio’s son, baquiano


By night after enjoying the peace and the beauty of the place you will be able to chat with the family and listen to traditional music played by Aurelio and one of his friend.


“I want people coming to Agua Blanca feel good…I want to host them the best I can and that they enjoy their stay and leave delighted”
Eugenia, landlady of the Mucuposada

More information

Agua Blanca – The stairs circuit
Agua Blanca – Agua Blanca between past and present
Agua Blanca – Pozo del Niño
Agua Blanca – The Path of Silence

Breakfast, lunch, diner

Average annual temperature: 20°C
Altitude: 1.222 m
Wet season: December – April
Dry season: April– November
Direct phone contact : 0416-706.05.15. (Aurelio)
Boca E’Monte cooperative: 0273-808.54.54. (Eloy Gómez)