You will find all the services you need in Calderas: information about routes, guides and transport and accommodation in the tourism information centre located in the Cender where you will also be able to taste various aromatic coffees in the Café de Bosque or discover the Café de Bosque products and handicraft made by members of Boca E´Monte cooperative.

You will have the choice between two Mucuposadas, traditional houses whose name combines the indigene term “mucu”, which means “the place” with the Spanish term “posada”, which means accommodation. The nice and friendly members of the family Valero or Osuna will welcome you in the Mucuposada Valle Encantado in San Ramon hamlet and Los Alcaravanes in Agua Blanca, the starting and arrival points of horseback riding, bird watching, excursion and climbing routes.

You will find the other services around Plaza Bolívar:

Panadería y Café El Portachuelo

In front of Plaza Bolívar, in Calle Miranda, Obdulia Vergara offers you traditional lunches and soups, roast chicken, pizza, hamburgers and delicious Andean pastelitos and empanadas as well as cakes, natural fruit juices and coffee.

Panadería, Pastelería, Charcutería y Viveres

Calle Sucre.

El Rincón de las empanadas

Just behing the chuch, one of the most ancient cafés of Calderas where you can have coffee, juice, tradicional empanadas and pastelitos.

Farmacia Guadalupe

Drugstore in front of Plaza Bolivar in Calle Miranda.

Farmacia Calderas

Drugstore in front of Plaza Bolivar, at the corner of Calle Sucre.


If you cannot find what you where looking for in the various bodegas, go to Víveres Camacho in Calle Sucre or Inversiones Sajuy, the green supermarket close to plaza Bolívar.


Comercial Maisum

Books, fotocopies, drinks and snacks in front of Plaza Bolivar in calle Urdaneta.

La tienda del Encanto

Visit Don Pedro’s bodega! You will discover belts and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and a lot of tools, curious objects, mugs and guitars in the showcases.