Mucuposada Los Alcaravanes
Agua Blanca – Calderas, Barinas region

General information

Classification: nature and ethnoculture
Main attractions: Coffee plantations, forests, pastures and cobblestone paths
Starting and arrival point: Mucuposada Los Alcaravanes
Mucuposada altitud: 1510 m
Type of excursion: hiking
Length: 2,9 km
Duration: 1/2 day
Difficulty: moderate
Effort: moderate
Maximum altitude: 1594 m

Go up and down to push up our limits

We will start the route from the Mucuposada heading to the west and we will come back from the north. We will meet a rural family that will make us a delicious sugar cane juice. We will go down to the river El Molino and go through pastures surrounded by beautiful mountain forests. We will go down impressive wooden stairs of 50m long to reach a small dyke on the river. Rise of adrenaline. The stairs are used by the local population to maintain in good state the dyke that allows transporting water to Calderas. The guide’s instructions and the security chains will enable us to enjoy the experience in this spectacular canyon surrounded by thick trees in safety. We will be at the foot of the Andean cordillera and its cloudy forests. We will go up using other stairs on the left side of the river. We will walk through a forest and reach the northern limit of Agua Blanca close to the Camino Real de los Andes, already used by pre Hispanic populations. We will go back to the Mucuposada, accompanied by the bird songs such as the Burhinus oedicnemus crossing pastures with cows.



Use appropriate and waterproof shoes for excursions
Put a waterproof poncho, mineral water, cereal bars and your personal belongings in a small backpack
You can use a hiking stick
Watch your kids closely
Do not forget your camera!