Mucuposada Los Alcaravanes

Agua Blanca – Calderas, Barinas region


General information

Classification: contact with nature
Main attractions: mountainous forests, pastures
Starting and arrival point: Mucuposada Los Alcaravanes
Mucuposada altitude: 1510 m
Type of excursion: hiking
Length: 2,6 km
Duration: 1/2 day
Difficulty: moderate
Effort: moderate
Maximum altitude: 1820 m



Meeting with Nature

 We will discover the mountainous forests at the north of the mucuposada by a path following the Camino Real de los Andes, already used by the pre Hispanic populations, in direction of Niquitao. We will walk through forests, palm trees and other emblematic trees of Calderas region. We will go trhrough pastures, habitat of the Burhinus oedicnemus, which are typical birds of the Venezuelan plains. You will enjoy a spectacular view at the edge of the forest as well as the climate of the area, one of the most pleasant of the region. When you will ascend to El Palmar the guide will give you details about the Camino Real that crossed the mountain long before the Spanish arrived on the continent and whose creation dates back to more than 500 years.




Use appropriate and waterproof shoes for excursions
Put a waterproof poncho, mineral water, cereal bars and your personal belongings in a small backpack
You can use a hiking stick
Watch your kids closely
Do not forget your camera!