Mucuposada Valle encantado,
San Ramón – Calderas, Barinas region


General Information

Classification : nature and ethnoculture
Main attractions: cloudy mountains, pastures, abandoned farm and panoramic viewpoint offering a magnificent view over an impressive rocky mountain             
Starting and arrival point: Mucuposada Valle Encantado
Mucuposada altitude: 1200 m
Type of excursion: hiking
Distance: 3,4 km
Duration: 1/2 day
Difficulty: moderate
Effort: moderate
Maximum altitude: 1360 m 




Conquered Conquistadors

We will head on the North. We will cross the Quebrada Amarilla river and start climbing a geological foothill between the Andean cordillera and the magnificent hill Cerro El Governador. Before arriving to this spectacular viewpoint we will ascend through a humid forest by a particularly well-traced path. We will penetrate in a forest of clusias situated just before the abandoned farm Las Carmelitas and numerous pastures. We will have a magnificent view over the impressive cordillera at the right of the river. We will go to the edge of the cliff at a 200m difference of elevation from the mucuposada. The place is perfect for bird watching and the observation of the agro productive landscape, coffee plantations of San Ramón, small typical houses as well as surrounding pastures.



Use appropriate and waterproof shoes for excursions
Put a waterproof poncho, mineral water, cereal bars and your personal belongings in a small backpack
You can use a hiking stick
Watch your kids closely
Do not forget your camera!