Excursion is a modality of contact with nature that consists in walking through forests, pastures or mountains tracks or paths carrying a small backpack and following a specific signalization or a local guide (baquiano) for no more than four hours on a route leaving from a Mucuposada or between two Mucuposadas.


By doing one or more excursion routes in Calderas you will discover forests that shade coffee plantations, humid and cloudy forests and pastures. You will be able to take a swim in crystal clear water wells or rivers, you will get to know rural families in their traditional houses as well as little coffee producers that will explain you the coffee process. You will use the ancient Camino Real de los Andes, you will go down wooden stairs of 50m long at the heart of nature and you will enjoy spectacular views!


The Coffee Path 
The Path of Silence
Pozo del niño
The stairs circuit
La Peña Panoramic Viewpoint
Agua Blanca between past and present

Santa Rita Panoramic Viewpoint