Calderas, a beautiful producer coffee village of about 5000 inhabitants is located at the heart of the Andean piedmont cordilleras, at the northeast of Barinas region.


Calderas has kept from the past some of its ancient houses with rammed earth walls and balconies with wooden balustrades.

The village and its sloping streets are surrounded by dense and humid mountain forests, ideal for outdoor activities that enable you to be in direct contact with nature.


The plaza Bolivar, in front of which there is a particular blue church, is the most animated meeting point of this welcoming village, where the residents will want to get to know you. Calderas is one of these peaceful villages where the doors of the colorful houses are kept wide opened all day long.




“Tourists always leave delighted with the people from here. Calderas is a small village but very hospitable.”

Rosa, Café de Bosque tenant




The bodegas, small typical and particular shops and the mules walking through the village or attached to the windows also reflect the authenticity of the village.


Coffee is the main activity of Calderas. You will smell aromas of just filtered coffee coming out from the houses. Some families of Calderas, which gather together to collect the red or yellow berries from the coffee plants between September and December, still use a pestle to separate the coffee seed from their envelope before drying them under the sunshine.


In Calderas, you will not only find dense forests of coffee trees, rivers, streams and lagoons in fresh and shadowed spots perfect for a swim but you will also discover a village rich with traditions. Its cultural attractions are its religious and popular celebrations, traditional music, handicraft, legends and typical dishes.