The cultural heritage of Calderas is composed of its numerous traditions, religious and popular celebrations such as those of Santa Rosa de Lima, the most important ones, between the 22th  and 30th of August.


Calendar of celebrations


You will also enjoy a typical gastronomy and particularly soups like hervido de gallina criolla, sancocho, pizca andina, but also the traditional venezuelan arepas, a flat cornmeal patty that is grilled, baked, or fried and filled with cheese, vegetables, meat or any other desired stuffing. The hallacas are specially made for the día de San Juan on 24th of August and Christmas. The typical drinks are mistela de café, leche de burra, with milk, eggs and alcohol or ponche crema. Cakes such as cabello de angel or curruchete are delicious.


You will discover the tales and legends of both the region and Calderas with the residents! They will tell you about el Silbón, el Caté, la llorona or los Momoyes, which are little bearded hobgoblins.


Handicraft made by the locals such as hats and baskets with reed is available in the bodegas –small shops- and in the tourism information centre.


The most typical music of the village is string music with guitar, cuatro –the traditional Venezuelan guitar-, and violin played by local groups such as “Sabino y sus muchachos” or “Aguilas del Norte” especially for the cultural and religious celebrations.


Almost each hamlet of Calderas has its own group of meringue campesino (rural meringue) like “Alegres del Campo” in Aguitas or “El Sentimiento Norteño”. You will discover “Aurelio y sus muchachos” if you stay at the Mucuposada Los Alcaravanes in Agua Blanca.