The Boca E’Monte cooperative was founded in November 2004 by 23 inhabitants of Calderas in the framework of the project “Turismo Rural y Café de Bosque” of the Fondation Programa Andes Tropicales. The project seeks to improve the socioeconomic situation of rural coffee producer communities located in the Venezuelan Andes by the development of a network of micro enterprises providing community tourism services and the commercial valorization of their products with the creation of a range of products called Café de Bosque associated to the tourism activity.
The aims of the project are environmental conservation, identity and cultural reinforcement and the adoption of tourism as a tool for sustainable development.



“The cooperative Boca E’Monte promotes community tourism in a rural area. We want local residents to be the providors of services and a tourist activity developed in harmony with the environment and that  enables families to improve their quality of life with an alternative activity that does not damage the natural resources of Calderas and Bolivar department.”
 Eloy Gómez, president of the cooperative



The cooperative Boca E’Monte develops and promotes an ecologic and autochthonous tourist activity offering accommodation, guiding services, transport, foods, handicrafts and cultural activities as an alternative source of income for local residents according to the principles of sustainable developemnt.
Promoting Calderas’ natural and cultural ressources is also one of the objectives of the cooperative’s members.




The project Turismo rural y Café de Bosque in Calderas is executed by the Venezuelan foundation Programa Andes Tropicales with the support of the Spanish NGO Codespa and cofinancing by the European Union.